RM Tucker Attorneys is a specialist, boutique law firm based in Waverley, Johannesburg.

RM Tucker Attorneys focuses on Intellectual Property law, General Commercial law, Music and Entertainment law and Consumer Law  – as these are what we do best.

Through the knowledge and experience of our founder and owner, Ryan Tucker, the firm is ideally placed to service a broad range of clients requiring the above services at an affordable rate, without compromising on service, competence and know-how.



Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) law is designed to protect your creative output; whether it is a piece of writing, a work of art, a computer program or your company logo.

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Music & Entertainment

Music and entertainment law applies a mix of legal fields to protect the interests of businesses and individuals working in the entertainment industry.

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General Commercial Law

Commercial or business law is a complex legal category to define, because it can be applied in so many different contexts – from technology transfer…

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Consumer Law

Although many of the CPA’s provisions have not yet been tested by the courts, we at RM Tucker Attorneys believe that it offers a set of valuable guiding principles…

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