Third Man Records will be opening modern vinyl pressing plant

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August 17, 2016
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March 15, 2017

In an article written by Daniel Adrian Sanchez for Digital Music News (, it appears that indeed vinyl is making a huge comeback; at least Jack White, formally of the White Stripes, is betting on. The Vinyl industry has seen 2017 sales hit US$800-900 million – not bad for what was a dying medium not so long ago.

In his article, Sanchez leaks some of the major improvements White will be implementing in his soon-to-be-built Detroit “state of the art” pressing factory. It will be more efficient, more environmentally friendly plant, also having a reduced noise pollution level – one of its kind in the world.

The plant estimates that it will be able to press 5000 records per each 8-hour shift and a cycle time of 45 seconds per record, improving efficiency dramatically. See the article for more details on the improvements that will be placed in White’s vinyl pressing factory.

For those who love vinyl, either for its “better sound quality” when compared to digital (as some claim), or its the hippy/hipster in you driving you to buy vinyls to keep up with trends (bearing in mind White’s environmental friendliness and pollution reduction), it looks like the vinyl is going to reclaim, to some extent, an improved position in sales of music around the world, and particularly in countries which have pressing factories. I also foresee internet sales of vinyl improving as well. I believe that the market for vinyl would not be as “cost sensitive” as digital and streaming markets may be: You’re not just buying the music; you’re buying an experience too, something that has somewhat been missing from the sales side of the music industry over the last decade or so.

This trend should prove to be somewhat of a “shot in the arm” (but no cure) for recipients of mechanical and other royalties from music rights.




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