General Commercial Law

The common threads binding all commercial legal activities are contracts or agreements.

Commercial or business law is a complex legal category to define, because it can be applied in so many different contexts – from technology transfer agreements to manufacturing; logistics to advertising, and beyond.

Since the advent of the Consumer Protection Act, the simple supplier / consumer relationship is growing ever more complex. This is also one of the many facets of commercial law in which RM Tucker Attorneys specialises. In short, our firm’s depth of knowledge ensures that your legal needs are met with efficiency and the utmost professionalism. Our insight is your protection

RM Tucker Attorneys can shed light on the commercial legal concerns you might have – drawing on the specialist commercial litigation understanding and agreement drafting expertise gained by our founder/owner during his time with prestigious South African commercial law firm, Werksmans Attorneys.

Other matters for which you might require the services of a commercial lawyer include

but are not limited to

Intellectual Property

Commercial Law

Music & Entertainment Law

Consumer Law

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