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Music and entertainment law applies a mix of legal fields to protect the interests of businesses and individuals working in the entertainment industry.

It can be applied to all forms of music and entertainment: composition, publishing, film, broadcasting, theatre, and more.

The entertainment industry is wide-ranging, encompassing artists of all forms. For this reason, music and entertainment law tends to overlap with other fields of law and can include facets of commercial law, intellectual property law, employment law, immigration law, financial law, corporate law and privacy law, for instance.

By way of example, in film, entertainment lawyers would be used for talent and agent agreements, union and IP disputes or motion picture industry negotiations and more.

In music, artists and composers would use a music lawyer for producer agreements, record deals, copyright publishing licenses, writer agreements, band agreements and IP concerns, while in television and radio, producers, songwriters, record companies, broadcasters and performers would seek legal assistance with broadcast licencing, mechanical licencing and advertising agreements etc.

Also, with the impact of digital media on these industries, it is critical to partner with a law firm that understands the changes these issues have on their industries.

RM Tucker Attorneys can advise on and facilitate the legal processes involved in all aspects of music and entertainment law.

We are particularly experienced in handling SAMRO registrations, licensing, royalty disputes, recording agreements, publishing agreements, writer agreements etc. At the same time, our international experience gives us the broad knowledge that is required for an area of law as dynamic as music / entertainment law.

Our founder/owner is a semi-professional musician trained to graduate level, who has played both piano and drums since childhood. This being the case, our firm’s unique mix of interests gives us an intimate understanding of the artist experience.

Because we’re known for providing legal insight with creative understanding, RM Tucker Attorneys is the perfect mediator between art and law

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