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Lawyers. Traditionally known for expertise, yes, but also for expense.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

Why do we exist?

The way most law firms currently provide legal services makes them inaccessible to most businesses. Small, medium, large or niche entities can’t accommodate the rapid pile-up of hourly rates. What they need is greater legal certainty via predictable, user-friendly, demystified, and pragmatic legal services. Let’s say that you have an idea, but there’s risk involved.

Something similar may already exist. Someone may try to steal your idea. Someone may already have “stepped on” your IP. The idea may need to be confirmed as 100% legal. Whatever the matter in question, an ‘old-fashioned’ law firm may be beyond your reach. Or, it may not even be what you’re looking for.

This is why the SMART FIRM™ exists

Our approach to techno-legal solutions comes from many years of experience in IP and corporate/commercial law, in the creative and music/entertainment sectors, and in running a start-up. While we believe in protecting your rights, we don’t believe in:

  • Hidden costs
  • Complexity for its own sake
  • Scope creep
  • Cookie-cutter solutions
  • In-house legal teams for every kind of business

The SMART FIRM™ can help you with

(or find the right legal specialists to assist)

Why Use Us?

1It's the modern way
In order to meet the niche legal needs of creative, start-up, IP-driven, or tech-based businesses, legal services need to be democratised.
2It's cheaper
Our alternative fee structures surpass the non-negotiable hourly charge to offer a choice of flat project fees, monthly retainers, an annual check-up, or a value based-arrangement, where we add value to your matter, instead of billing for time spent.
3It's cutting-edge
The SMART FIRM™’s intelligent use of tech means accessible, affordable and understandable legal solutions that go beyond a Yes or No, to a future-facing legal strategy. We look at your business globally: the big picture, the broader tactics, and how a specific matter fits into the greater organisation.
4It's empowering
The SMART FIRM™’s goal is to provide practical commercial and specialist guidance that is custom-crafted to handle your business’s legal needs, so you can do your actual job. We’re also able to negotiate on your behalf.
5It's end-to-end
The SMART FIRM™ is able to access specialist knowledge when you need it. We also offer end-to-end project management via a proprietary in-house software platform. In future, this will extend to include all of the following:

  • Document automation and document analysis
  • Endless connectivity
  • Machine prediction and e-learning
  • Online legal guidance
  • Legal question answering
  • Legal open-sourcing
  • Embedded legal knowledge
  • Online dispute resolution
  • Workflow and project management

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Music & Entertainment Law

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